Sara Capella LMFT

​No two issues are the same because how you experience it is unique. Thoughts guide our behaviors and reactions to situations. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to change your inner thoughts in order to see things more clearly and make better decisions.
Individual Therapy
I specialize in:
  •  marriage counseling
  • adolescent issues such as, self-esteem problems, drug use, cutting, behavioral issues, and school problems
  • transitional times meaning divorce, blending families, moving into adulthood, Anxiety, Depression, grief and loss  
Couples Therapy
Couples counseling can give you the tools to have a successful marriage. I work with couples and individuals to manage conflicts, deepen friendship and intimacy, reinforce family values, and share life purpose. You can learn how to break destructive patterns and replace them with meaningful interactions.  
Children and Family Therapy
I use a family systems approach when working with children. Starting with a happy and healthy relationship creates security and increases communication with children. When working with children it is often necessary to incorporate family therapy to enforce new behaviors and support change.